Slim down with 150 ALL-NEW “fat releaser” recipes

A Note from Liz

Health and happiness are inseparable…and I want you to have more energy to do the things you love to do! The Digest Diet is all about eating good food that’s good FOR you.

I can’t wait for you dig in to these delicious meals and start losing those inches!

-Liz Vaccariello, Editor-in-Chief of Reader’s Digest and author of The Digest Diet

Ditch the inches,
not the flavor!

Thanks to the exciting response to The Digest Diet, we’re thrilled to bring you the newest collection of amazingly delicious, fat releaser meals. Stay on track and be healthy for life with 150 brand-new recipes filled with bold flavors and wholesome foods featured in The Digest Diet.

  • 150 incredible new recipes for Soups, Salads, Main Dishes, One-Dish Meals, Sides, Snacks, and Desserts
  • Create your own 21-day plan (snacks too!)
  • Learn how to set up your kitchen and avoid fat increasers in food preparation
  • Mix and match different recipe types for easy flexibility that fits your life
  • Get tips on how to shop for (and cook with) fat releaser fresh foods

Think about the fantastic FOODS YOU WANT TO EAT Instead of counting calories!

What's The Digest Diet all about?

We sifted through the fads and gimmicks to bring you an exciting 21-day plan designed to facilitate healthy weight loss. Reader’s Digest Editor-In-Chief, Liz Vaccariello, identified 21 of the most powerful foods and easy-to-do lifestyle changes that she’s convinced will help curb cravings AND help with weight loss.

She calls them "Fat Releasers."

You'll call them "Amazing!"

150 ALL-NEW RECIPES for slim-down success!

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There's such a wide variety of foods in The Digest Diet Cookbook that you'll never feel like you're dieting—and you won't get bored with what you're eating.

And it's not just recipes!
You'll also get:

  • NEW sample menus for special needs: vegetarian, dairy-free, quick-fix, budget-friendly, and cooking for one
  • Handy substitutions chart
  • The truth about sweeteners, seasonings, and condiments
  • Daily nutrient guides
  • FAQs from real readers like you
  • Store-brand product suggestions

Think lean.
Eat REAL food.
Do it for life and enjoy EVERY day!

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